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Completing the Sport Nutrition Specialist Course


Once you have registered for the Sport Nutrition Specialist program, the NCSF will ship you the course material package. The kit includes the Sport Nutrition Textbook and accompanying Study Guide, a two-disc instructional DVD set, and online access to the program’s audio and video content. The Sport Nutrition Study Guide is the key to your preparation success; it provides all your study notes in an abridged version of the textbook and complements the instructional DVDs. Each lesson within the study guide uses a “read, write, and apply” format that focuses on the key learning objectives, extracts the relevant test content, and assesses your knowledge. The program efficiently addresses the important elements of the exam through engaging applications. Once you have completed your studies and preparation, you can register for your exam at the date, time, and location of your choice.

NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Textbook

Sport Nutrition Specialist Textbook:


Sport Nutrition is the premier text available for up-to-date, evidence-based information. It provides in-depth content related to effective strategies for performance enhancement and includes a literary review of supplement efficacy and regulations.


The Sport Nutrition Textbook is divided into 16 content specific chapters covering the following topics:

Chapter 1. Nutrients
Chapter 2. Nutrients and Recommended Intakes
Chapter 3. Fuel Sources for Muscle and Exercise Metabolism
Chapter 4. Energy
Chapter 5. Gastric Emptying, Digestion, and Absorption
Chapter 6. Carbohydrate
Chapter 7. Fat
Chapter 8. Protein and Amino Acids
Chapter 9. Water Requirements and Fluid Balance
Chapter 10. Vitamins and Minerals
Chapter 11. Nutrition Supplements
Chapter 12. Nutrition and Training Adaptations
Chapter 13. Body Composition
Chapter 14. Weight Management
Chapter 15. Eating Disorders in Athletes
Chapter 16. Nutrition and Immune Function in Athletes
NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Study Guide

Sport Nutrition Specialist Study Guide:


The Study Guide is multifunctional; it provides the summary notes for the text and accompanying instructional DVDs in a lesson-by-lesson format along with Test Your Knowledge quizzes at the end of each section. The Study Guide is an integral component to successful completion of the program.

Interactive activities designed to aid in learner comprehension
Summary lesson notes and quizzes for quick test content reference
Answer key references to verify work
NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist DVD

Sport Nutrition Specialist Instructional DVDs (two-disc set):


The DVDs provide a lesson-by-lesson review of the materials in an audio-visual experience that is both engaging and instructional. The two-disc DVD set complements the study guide, pre-recording all your notes and allowing for improved retention of the content.

Engaging content that interacts with the study guide lesson notes
Detailed instruction on the primary lesson learning objectives
User-friendly, high-end video instruction
NCSF E-Learning Platform

Sport Nutrition Specialist E-Learning Access:


The NCSF E-Learning platform gives you the opportunity to listen to course lectures and watch the Sport Nutrition Specialist digital content anywhere. Students have the ability to access the lectures and video presentations from their computer, iPad, or favorite smartphone device.

Desktop and laptop access to the course audio and video content
Watch and listen anywhere you have web access
Works on multiple media devices including your iPad, iPhone as well as android powered devices
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