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Certified Strength Coach Exam Preparation
Completing the Course
NCSF Certified Strength Coach Course & Exam Package
NCSF Certified Strength Coach Course & Exam Package
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Completing the Certified Strength Coach Course


The NCSF Certified Strength Coach (CSC) Program consists of 18 individual lessons, each with defined learning objectives and accompanying course work. The textbook is the primary educational resource for the course and, in conjunction with the e-Learning platform, creates the foundation for exam preparation. The e-Learning component extracts the testable content from the textbook and should be the point of emphasis for test preparation. By following the lessons, you will be able to move through your studies in a logical and systematic fashion.

NCSF Certified Strength Coach Textbook

Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning Textbook:


The NCSF Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning Textbook is the premier text for up-to-date, evidence-based information in the field. Presented in 18 chapters, the textbook progresses from an introduction to the strength and conditioning profession, through Sport Analysis and Performance Assessment, into Sport Biomechanics and Metabolism, and addresses Performance Preparation, foundational and Olympic Weightlifting, SAQ, Programming for Sports Performance and culminates with Injury Prevention and Return to Competition. Included with the text are over 150 illustrations of essential Olympic and performance-based lifts and conditioning drills.

NCSF E-Learning Platform

E-Learning Lessons:


The interactive e-Learning platform gives you the opportunity to review lesson notes, work on question and answer activities, and take quizzes to measure your understanding of the content. Additionally, over 300 video demonstrations of various performance based lifts and drills are available and complete lessons can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or favorite smartphone device.

NCSF Online Certified Strength Coach Practice Exam

Online Practice Exam:


The Certified Strength Coach (CSC) Online Practice Exam is designed to present students with an exam experience that will resemble the level of difficulty and relative content areas of the NCSF-Certified Strength Coach Exam. This valuable study tool will allow you to evaluate your readiness for the examination and to become more comfortable with the testable content. It also enables the test candidate to address the questions first without seeing the answer, and then to reference detailed answer explanations.

NCSF Certified Strength Coach Exam

Certification Exam (Package Option):


The NCSF Certified Strength Coach credential represents an elite level of professional knowledge in the field of strength & conditioning. Candidates that pass the NCSF-CSC exam distinguish themselves as highly qualified practitioners in the field and demonstrate the required skill set necessary to develop and enhance performance in athletic populations.


With over 1,000 test center locations operating in 83 countries, our global exam delivery network offers the certification exams on-demand.

NCSF Certified Strength Coach Hands-on Workshop

Hands-on Workshop (Package Option):


Learn to perform, evaluate, and instruct Olympic weightlifting, speed, agility and quickness training and corrective exercise and sport mobility. This two-day workshop defines training for human performance and provides detailed information on developing athletic capabilities using an evidence based, building block approach.


Note:This is a hands-on program employing intermediate to advanced training techniques.

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