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Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

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Ensure that you know the latest scientific research and application with this increasingly popular recovery tool. Step-by-step instructions cover the most effective techniques available to improve recovery and tissue preparation.
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Backed by scientific research, Complete Guide to Foam Rolling is the ideal tool to assist the Exercise Professional in implementing appropriate recovery techniques using myofascial release. This course will also teach the Exercise Professional how foam rolling can improve blood flow, mobility, and tissue readiness.

The step-by-step guides cover some of the most effective techniques for addressing problem areas throughout the entire body.

Course Contents

Part I. Foundations

Chapter 1. Science of Foam Rolling

Chapter 2. Benefits of Foam Rolling

Chapter 3. Foam Rolling Safety

Chapter 4. Foam Rolling Equipment

Part II. Techniques

Chapter 5. Foot and Lower Leg

Chapter 6. Upper Leg

Chapter 7. Hips

Chapter 8. Chest and Upper Back

Chapter 9. Shoulders and Arms

Part III. Programming

Chapter 10. Full-Body Assessment

Chapter 11. Warm-Up

Chapter 12. Flexibility

Chapter 13. Recovery

Chapter 14. Rehabilitation

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