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Explosive Lifting for Sports

Textbook, DVD, Exam


The movements in competitive weightlifting – the snatch, clean, jerk, and other variations – can develop a more powerful athlete, no matter what the sport. The Explosive Lifting for Sports continuing education course shows how to incorporate these exercises into your own sports training program.

The course demonstrates the safest, most effective learning progressions for the snatch, clean, jerk, pulling assistance exercises, squat, and other key lifts. In-depth instructions for each lift allow you to safely master movement technique in a step-by-step fashion and develop the strength, power, and speed necessary for high level athletic performance. Included are specific power development programs for 10 different power sports: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, track and field, wrestling, racket sports, and competitive weightlifting.

Olympic style lifting is an essential element in any sports performance program and mastery of these movements aid in developing whole-body power, which in turn allows for improvements on the field or on the court.

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Course Contents:

Chapter 1. Training for Optimal Strength
Chapter 2. Developing Explosive Power
Chapter 3. Combining Weightlifting and Plyometrics
Chapter 4. Building a Technique Base
Chapter 5. Snatch
Chapter 6. Clean
Chapter 7. Jerk
Chapter 8. Pulling Exercises
Chapter 9. Squatting and Pressing Exercises
Chapter 10. Designing an Effective Training Program
Chapter 11. Sport-Specific Training Programs

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