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Kettlebell Training

Textbook, Exam


Kettlebell Training offers Personal Trainers a comprehensive course on the popular training tool. The course provides an easy-to-use progression to teach kettlebell movements, providing step-by-step instruction and full page images on over 90 exercises for clients of varying capabilities. The course denotes the advantages of using the kettlebell as a complementary training implement as well as how to use the kettlebell in warm-ups and cool-downs, for various exercises across diverse clientele and how to implement kettlebells into a personalized exercise program. This course is ideal for anyone looking to add kettlebells into your training repertoire.
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1. The Kettlebell Advantage
2. Getting Started with Kettlebells
3. Exercise Principles
4. Setting Goals, Assessing Fitness, and Training Safely
5. Warming Up and Cooling Down
6. Basic Exercises
7. Intermediate Exercises
8. Advanced Exercises
9. Creating a Customized Fitness Program
10. Sport-Specific Training Programs

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