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Postural Assessment

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This course provides Personal Trainers with an excellent resource to break down the complex process of assessing posture. In-depth procedures and detailed illustrations guide students to master the concepts and apply the results to assist clients manage muscular or fascial imbalance. Students do not need any formal anatomical schooling to understand and use the illustrations throughout the textbook covering body landmarks and postural variations. This course provides guidance in identifying common postural forms and interpreting those observations. The information obtained from this program is ideal for any Personal Trainer looking to add specifics to their functional testing and exercise screening programs.

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Part I. Getting Started With Postural Assessment

Chapter 1. Introduction to Postural Assessment
What Is Posture
What Factors Affect Posture?
Is There an Ideal Posture?
Why Should I Do a Postural Assessment?
Who Should Have a Postural Assessment?
Where Can Postural Assessment Take Place?
When Should Postural Assessment Be Done
Closing Remarks
Quick Questions

Chapter 2. Preparing for Postural Assessment
Equipment Required
Time Required
Postural Assessment Steps
Standard Alignments
Documenting Your Findings
Cautions and Safety Issues
Closing Remarks
Quick Questions

Part II. Carrying Out Postural Assessment

Chapter 3. Posterior Postural Assessment
Upper Body
Lower Body
Quick Questions

Chapter 4. Lateral Postural Assessment
Upper Body
Lower Body
Comparing Overall Posture
Quick Questions

Chapter 5. Anterior Postural Assessment
Upper Body
Lower Body
An Overall View: Body Shape
Quick Questions

Chapter 6. Seated Postural Assessment
Posterior View
Lateral View
Quick Questions

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