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Power for Sports Performance

DVD, Exam


Successful athletes must demonstrate good technique, proper conditioning, and a strong competitive spirit to execute winning performances. But one factor that decisively separates elite athletes from the rest of the pack is their ability to produce explosive, powerful efforts on demand. Generating the necessary power is only possible through an effective, multi-faceted power-training program designed to develop, enhance, and harness athletic power. Power for Sports Performance provides the tools to build a program for your needs, your sport, and your goals.

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Through a series of self-assessments, you will identify areas of improvement and establish a baseline for your training regimen. Then learn the exercises that optimize power in sport-specific movements, starting with base-building exercises for developing basic strength and postural control, and advancing to a complex power program that combines resistance training and plyometrics.

Instructional programs and workouts may also be printed from the DVD, so you can take instruction directly onto the practice field or into the gym.

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