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Speed for Sports Performance

DVD, Exam


From football to tennis, track and field to volleyball, speed is a critical component of every athlete’s repertoire. Even recreational athletes often desire to increase speed. However, the proper way to design a safe and effective speed-training program is uncommon knowledge. Speed for Sports Performance will instruct fitness professionals in the proper way to assess and increase reaction time, technique, stride, mobility, and first-step explosiveness ultimately leading to increases in acceleration, maximum speed, and endurance. The different phases of the season within the calendar year are taken into consideration and exercises to decrease recovery time from/prevent injury are also explained.

  • Details

The Speed for Sports Performance Course breaks down into the following topics:

  • Keys to Speed
  • Assessment
  • Warm-Up and Cool-Down
  • Quick-Start Training
  • Maximum Speed Training
  • Special Speed-Training Tools
  • Speed Progression Program
  • Printable Speed Workouts and Assessments
    (accessible from DVD-ROM drive)

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