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Stop Stressing Your Day Away!
Date:  Nov 29 2016

For some, chronic stress seems to be a way of life. There are those that always feel overwhelmed or perceive each day as an epic struggle. For some, psychological disorders may indeed have a major impact on their perception of the world around them - but for most, stress is self-inflicted. Perception of consequence is a key driver but stress may be caused by negative environments, poor decision making, inefficient routines or reactive responses due to lack of insight or poor planning. The holiday season adds further duress, with much due to expectations – added seasonal costs, family responsibilities, travel, and event planning can add significant quantities of stress to an already full plate.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Limiting Risk for the #2 Cause of Cancer-Related Death among Men
Date:  Nov 22 2016

November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month as observationally evident via social media posts for “Movember”. Men who grow out their mustache (often in unique fashions) post their refined visage with efforts to draw likes and attention to one of the most common forms of cancer. Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among American men. It is estimated 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Sugar - The Agent of Metabolic Chaos
Date:  Nov 2 2016

Most people know that excess sugar intake is unhealthy and certainly presents consequences beyond the waistline. The physiological problems associated with high sugar intake may be more significant than many people think. On average, Americans consume as much as 26% of their total diet from sugar. With more than a quarter of the diet derived from simple sources it wreaks havoc on the normal metabolic system. In fact, one large cohort study demonstrated that participants who took in 25% or more of their daily calories as sugar were more than twice as likely to die from heart disease as those whose diets included less than 10% added sugar.

Safer Supplements
Date:  Oct 25 2016

With the vast array of dietary supplements to choose from bosting promises for almost any fitness-related goal, consumers sometimes struggle to weed through the marketing to get to the facts. Products are marketed for weight loss, increases in muscle mass, improved endurance, immune support, enhanced cognitive function, expedited healing and even an improved resilience to stress. But anyone in business understands the root to sales is good marketing, not necessarily a quality product or accurate information.

Reducing Your Risk for Breast Cancer with Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Date:  Oct 10 2016

There are currently more than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer each year; having a life- threatening and life-changing impact on an estimated 1 in 8 women. In 1940 the risk of a woman developing breast cancer was only 5%. This risk has almost tripled in the last 70 years according to data by the American Cancer Society (ACS). Breast cancer is a growing problem that requires more aggressive research, education, and prevention strategies. Uncontrollable factors such as increasing age, family history and various inherited factors elevate one’s risk for developing breast cancer - but prevention is a controllable factor and not surprisingly healthy habits are the solution.

Power Training Fundamentals
Date:  Sep 20 2016

Training for power is very different than the training parameters employed for hypertrophy or strength improvements due to the significantly higher speeds needed for proper adaptations. Power training incorporates momentum forces and reflex actions to generate large amounts of force in short periods of time placing considerable stress upon the working musculature and connective tissues. Training for improved power includes two distinct yet synergistically useful categories; ballistics and plyometrics.

Bench Power Push-ups
Date:  Sep 13 2016

This is a useful ballistic exercise for improving power and strength in the upper body, specifically the pectorals and triceps. It can be utilized independently with longer rest intervals or to add diversity to training as a contrast superset or tri-sets.

Strong Link to Obesity and Many Cancers
Date:  Sep 9 2016

A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine by researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) identified eight new types of cancer that are potentially promoted by obesity.

Displaying 1 - 8 of 52
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