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Personal Trainer & Health Fitness News

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How to: Clean Pull
Date:  Aug 23 2016

The clean pull teaches the body to overlay hip and knee extension with shoulder elevation and plantar flexion and can serve as an early progression for teaching the clean. The key to total body ballistic movement is synchronization: sequentially performed actions are needed from the start position to the first pull, scoop and second pull.

Guidelines for Maximizing Muscle Hypertrophy
Date:  Aug 5 2016

Intensity, Frequency. Volume, Mode, Repetitions, Rest Intervals, Training Systems

Binge Drinking and Performance
Date:  Aug 1 2016

Binge Drinking and Performance Don't Mix

Quick Tips for Eating Smarter
Date:  Jul 22 2016

Cut out sugar, fill at least half your plate with produce, keep protiens lean, be fussy about fats ....

Medicine Ball (MB) Incline Passes
Date:  Jul 13 2016

Purpose: MB Incline Passes can be used as an exercise for improving upper-body pushing speed and power. A similar movement pattern is also utilized to assess upper body power among athletes - known as the MB Put Test.

How Much Protein Do We Really Need?
Date:  Jul 5 2016

Excessive protein consumption is often based on the potential associations of the macronutrient with weight loss, performance, recovery and other benefits. However, daily overconsumption does not promote any additional benefits over those associated with adequate intake - which is primarily dependent on body size (fat-free mass), activity level and activity type. The general recommendation is to consume 10-15% of one’s daily calories in the form of protein; with clear variations required for those with special dietary needs such as diabetics. This general recommendation is increased amongst athletes and personal training clients who are very active, but not by much, as the increased need for protein will usually be met by increased caloric intake as long as the diet is well balanced.

Gorilla Press
Date:  Jun 21 2016

Purpose: The Gorilla press is useful for developing shoulder complex strength and stability. This overhead pressing variation requires additional core activation due to the unilateral and asymmetrical load which is far reaching from the base of support in the sagittal plane.

Keeping a Healthy Diet during the Summer Vacation
Date:  Jun 15 2016

For many, summer is the season to recharge and take a little time for a vacation. Vacationing is meant to be fun and usually includes various social activities surrounding food. For this reason some people forego nearly all of the healthy eating habits they regularly follow. The suggestions provided may be useful in helping one maintain a semblance of healthy eating behaviors while still enjoying their time off in a new locale. The key is to try to keep things relatively healthy without spoiling the care-free attitude of the vacation.

Displaying 1 - 8 of 44
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