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NCSF Board for Certification is the authority over all NCSF certification programs. The board is responsible for governance over exam development and administration, eligibility requirements, fiscal management, continued education and recertification requirements, and disciplinary action. In accordance with the NCSF Bylaws the seven (7) member board is elected from the membership or appointed (2 directors) by the Executive Committee. The Board meets throughout the year to set policy, evaluate certification operations and procedures and vote on issues that arise within the certification program.

The board maintains committees that oversee and determine specific operations related to the certification program itself. There are six standing committees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Certification Exam Development Committee
  • Recertification Standards Committee
  • Professional Practice and Disciplinary Committee
  • Bylaw and Policy Committee
  • Election Committee

Each committee operates to serve the mission of the NCSF Board for Certification and functions in accordance with the policies and procedures defined for their respective role. The authoritative boundaries for each committee are predefined and regulated by the Board for Certification, which in whole or in part serves as an extension to each committee to effectively facilitate efficient operations and decision making actions. The Board for Certification administrative acts are further supported and carried out by the boards’ administrative staff. The administrative staff serves as liaison between the organization and the board and its committees. In addition, the administrative staff functions to facilitate communication and attend to matters between the test administration, the membership, and the Board.

Certification Board Elections

All Board for Certification Directors must be nominated and meet specific qualification criteria before being slated for candidacy. The specific policies and procedures are outlined under section 3.5 and 3.6 of the organization's bylaws. The election process is implemented by a third party to avoid any undue influence and overseen by the Election Committee to ensure procedural validity.

Elected Directors

Directors of the board are NCSF certified professionals. There are two categories of elected directors, Personal Trainer Director and Allied Health Director (Physician, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer or Registered Dietitian). To become elected, a director must first be nominated from the general constituency. When the term for board positions mature the Board for Certification Election Committee puts out a call for nominations. The request for nominations is sent via every viable means to the entire membership. Nominations can only be made by NCSF certified professionals in good standing or by a board member. Self-nominations are acceptable and encouraged. Once nominations have been collected they are qualified for eligibility and an acceptance of nomination form is sent to the nominee. The election committee selects qualified candidates and slates a minimum of two for each director position vacancy. The candidates for each position will submit documentation attesting to their qualifications. Ballots are sent electronically or by other appropriate means to certified members who may vote for only one candidate per vacancy. Once completed the election committee approves the process. Newly elected directors begin term at the next scheduled board meeting.

Appointed Directors

Appointed Directors represent an expertise in the areas of professional certification, scope of practice, governance, or other contributing expertise necessitated by the board. The appointments are for the same terms as the elected directors. Appointments are made using a democratic process to nominate qualified candidates and to elect (board vote) them to their position on the board. Appointed directors do not have to be NCSF certified professionals.