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Continuing Education Video Series

Successful professionals leverage continuing education and training to advance their careers.

Stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge!

CPR and AED Certification

CPR/AED/Basic life support training is required every two-years among health and fitness professionals. Learn how to protect yourself while helping others survive emergency situations.

Performance Enhancing Drugs - Anabolic Steroids

Become familiar with WADA regulated class III drugs – anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). Learn what they do and how they function.

Professional Practice Standards

All professionals should understand how to be the best in their field and identify what it takes to be a true professional.

Vitamin D: The Super Nutrient?

Find out all this hormone-like vitamin can do for your body and the evidence between adequate consumption and health.

Weight Loss Supplements

These agents are designed to eliminate unwanted weight and promote improved body composition. Learn what over-the-counter supplements and drugs work and which just leave you with a heavy price tag.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has become a popular marker of health and can be measured by many different wearable devices. Sports, wellness, and performance coaches and exercise professionals should understand the basics of this fascinating phenomenon.

CBD and Medical Marijuana

CBD and medical marijuana have become an ever-increasing legal alternative to traditional medicines for sleep, anxiety, and recovery. The cannabinoids have been cited to promote health and are now being researched as a possible medicinal aid for other pathologies.

Recovery Techniques

For hundreds of years athletes have experimented with recovery tactics to improve strength, size and performance. Learn what techniques works and those that are a hoax – you’ll be surprised.

Understanding Lunge Variations

The lunge exercise has significant utility when used correctly. Learn the nuances that can be exploited for significant improvements in mass, function, and performance. Additionally, the program content looks at how movement and loading diversity can improve your training outcomes.

Maximal Results: the DEADLIFT

The group of exercises referred to as deadlifts should be a staple of any resistance exercise program. Learn how to make this collection of lifts generate significant returns on your fitness and performance goals.

Business 101: Starting your Business

Considering starting your own business? This first course in our three-part business series lays out a path to success. Do not venture forward without this “must have” information for all entrepreneurs.

Business 101: Structuring your Business

Once you have decided to start a business, you will then need to set yourself up for success. An important part of the equation is determining your business structure.

Business 101: Registering your Business

Once you have decided to start a business you will then need to set yourself up for success. This includes elements such as identifying the right structure, naming your business, setting up a financial system and filing for appropriate permits.

Muscle Building Supplements

The development and maintenance of quality muscle requires time and effort. Learn the dietary strategies and supplements that truly work to build and maintain muscle.

Understanding Gluten

Gluten has been receiving significant amount of negative media attention over the past several years. Inspiring some concerns centered on its consumption but is this basic grain protein really a negative nutrient or is it simply getting a bad rap?

Box Jump Training

All box jumps are not the same. There is significant adaptation diversity with box jumps – it is not simply how high you jump.

Fitness Training During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is an important part of a healthy outcome for both mother and baby. Exercise professionals should know risk factors, proper exercise selection and what is contraindicated for safe participation.

Advanced Training Systems

Training systems have long been used to exploit specific adaptations for strength, power, mass and metabolic enhancements. This course walks you through the individual systems, identifying specific benefit and programmatic factors that make them work.

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