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Certified Strength Coach
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Whether you work with children, the weekend warrior or a pro athlete, the Certified Strength Coach (CSC) program will help you develop the knowledge and skills to effectively enhance human performance. Recognized by high school, college, and professional organizations as well as health clubs the CSC credential is nationally accredited by the highest standard in the industry.

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* NATA-BOC Approved and NCAA Recognized

The NCSF Certified Strength Coach program is the only NCCA accredited certification program in strength and conditioning recognized by the BOC as approved continued education (80 CEUs) for Certified Athletic Trainers. This program also meets the NCAA recommendations for all strength and conditioning coaches.

All Strength Coaches that pass the NCSF-CSC exam and practice in the United States will appear on the US Registry of Exercise Professionals (USREPs)

Cutting-edge Training Techniques

From Olympic lifts to corrective exercises, the CSC program teaches you the skills to perform and instruct the most advanced movements in the strength and conditioning field.

Advanced Programming

Learn how to effectively develop sport and position specific training programs to maximize outcomes and carryover for improved athletic performance.

Comprehensive Assessment Protocols

In-depth analysis allows you to assess athletes using the latest tools in sport science.

Top-end SAQ Programs

From ladder work to change of direction drills, learn how to coach advanced speed, agility and quickness techniques with your athletes.

I have been involved in strength and conditioning for almost thirty years at both the Division I and Professional level. This is the most relevant information I have seen to help athletes reach their potential. Jay Sabol Head Athletic Trainer Miami Heat
The NCSF program provides the next level in developing human performance. It far exceeds the content and instruction of any other certification I have seen. Cory Nelms Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Oklahoma Former NFL Player

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Taking the NCSF certification exam is not dependent upon enrolling in an educational program.

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Strength Coach

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Sport Nutrition

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Move To The Next Level

Become recognized as a strength and conditioning expert with the credential that meets the NCAA recommendation for practicing Strength Coaches.

What You Learn:

  • How to perform biomechanical and athlete-needs analysis
  • High-level strength attainment using advanced strength techniques
  • Ballistic Training Instruction including Olympic lifting and Plyometrics
  • How to develop Speed, Agility and Reactive Strength
  • Advanced programming for performance in each sport

Skills You Develop:

  • Corrective exercises, risk reduction and efficient body movement
  • High-level instruction in strength training for performance
  • Olympic weightlifting and power-based training Instruction
  • Applications for Change of Direction, Quickness, and Speed
  • Drill instruction and strategies used by elite coaches

Become an Elite Coach

The NCSF Certified Strength Coach program exceeds all other certifications in the development of relevant competencies for promoting optimal human performance. It combines cutting edge research with proven practice-based instruction to prepare learners to be experts in the field of strength and conditioning. NCSF Certified Strength Coaches meet the recommendation standard by the NCAA to work in colleges and universities, optimally align with return-to-play standards for Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists, and have the foundations to work developmentally with children, teens, and senior athletes in all environments.

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NCSF Certified Strength Coaches are qualified to work with ...


Sport athletes of all ages including youth sports, high school, college and professional.

Tactical Athletes

Including police, security, military and other emergency professionals.


Individuals who want improved human performance for competition

Club Sports

Members who want to improve in club sports including golf, tennis, swimming, volleyball and soccer.

Return to Play

Individuals leaving physical therapy for return to play.

Combat Sports

Competitors in mixed martial arts and boxing.

Program Curriculum


Committee on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences

The NCSF standards are used by the Committee on Accreditation for Exercise Science to assess college strength and conditioning education programs