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Advanced Specialization Programs
Increase your Earning Potential

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Advanced professional certificates enhance your expertise and greatly benefit your business. Expand your client base, employment prospects, and income.

Suspension Training Specialist


The Suspension Training Specialist certificate is a highly specialized coaching credential that equips trainers with the knowledge and skills to effectively incorporate strap-based training techniques into their programming, providing a higher level of professional training.

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Low Back Specialist


More than 90% of adults encounter various degrees of low back pain, from short-term to long-lasting, and invest a significant amount of money each year on potential remedies. Enhance your expertise and abilities by becoming a Low Back Specialist and acquire the proven strategies and therapeutic modalities necessary to address this large population.

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Kettlebell Coach


The Kettlebell Coach is a comprehensive, industry-recognized coaching certificate designed specifically for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in kettlebell training. Equip yourself with the skills to effectively incorporate kettlebell movements into your next training session.

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