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Kettlebell Coach
Expand Your Reach
NCSF CEU Value: 7

Gain the Competitive Advantage and Boost Your Business


Earning the NCSF Kettlebell Coach credential demonstrates expertise and a commitment to your professional practice. Tap into new markets and reach a broader clientele by diversifying your service offerings with this advanced coaching qualification. This expanded skill set will allow you to more effectively instruct and program kettlebell training with your clients.

Course Breakdown

Introduction to Kettlebell Training

Learn the origin and elements of kettlebell training and its current application in both fitness and performance-based training.

Warm-ups and Flow

Be able to coach a proper warm-up and integrate the necessary flow patterns to prepare the body for more complex work.

Core Lifts

Learn how to effectively coach both single and double arm ballistic swings, receives, and structural movements.

Kettlebell Movements and Progressions

Discover how upper and lower body strength movements transfer into total body power using a changing center of mass and kinetic momentum.


Uncover how unilateral and bilateral movements are integrated into traditional training, metabolic circuits as well as strength and power programming.

Become an Expert and Enhance your Career Opportunities

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of kettlebell anatomy and mechanics, understanding how its unique design enhances workout efficiency.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of how kettlebell training synergizes strength, power, mobility, and balance.
  • Master the key muscle movement patterns essential for effective kettlebell training.
  • Become adept at identifying and correcting common kettlebell training errors, enhancing safety and effectiveness.
  • Acquire the skills to instruct and progressively advance kettlebell exercises tailored to individual health goals or sports performance.
  • Master structural lifts to promote strength and stability across varied movement ranges.

Expand your Knowlege

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Your Price:$299.00
NCSF CEU Value: 7

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