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Master Trainer Program
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Kickstart your career journey with the NCSF Master Trainer Program. Whether you have a strong background or are new to the field, our programs are designed to systematically develop your skill-set to engage clients and athletes through safe and highly effective practices - be recognized as the best in your field.

Certified Personal Trainer

Get started with this internationally-renowned program that will make you a competent fitness professional. The NCSF-CPT program is recognized by ICREP’s registers.

Sports Nutrition Specialist

Expand your knowledge and skills by developing expertise in performance nutrition for health, fitness, and sport.

Certified Strength Coach

Become a human performance specialist and reach the pinnacle of expertise in the field. Recognized by the NCAA as an approved certification for college strength coaches.

Varied Populations

Be empowered to help all people

Better Results

See better results in less time

Industry Expert

Be recognized as an industry expert

Teach Others

Present, coach, and teach others to be better professionals

Career Positions

Command more money and better career positions

I see the notable impact the NCSF education and certification has on my trainers' competencies and success. That’s why I recommend the NCSF to all my employees – they are observationally better in every way. Mitch Nienhuis – NCSF Master Trainer Director of Personal Training University of Miami Wellness Center

Take your Career to the Limit

Develop the knowledge that exceeds most college and university programs and be highly employable across the health, fitness, and sport sectors. These programs collectively indicate the distinction of a highly qualified practitioner and expertise in the field. Individuals who attain all three credentials will be recognized as a NCSF Master Trainer.

Your Career Path

Master Trainers are the Highest Paid exercise professionals in sports clubs and fitness facilities using tier systems, Work in athletics at high schools, colleges, and university settings, Train and provide nutrition guidance for fitness competitors and professional athletes.

Gain the necessary skills in programming & training instruction to work as a fitness professional


Expand you knowledge and capabilities in nutritional science and increase your career opportunities

Develop advanced expertise in coaching human performance across multiple populations

Become an Industry Elite Today!
Our Easy-Learn system allows you to study each certification program at your own pace and take the certification exams from home when ready.

Earn the Badge of Excellence

Master Trainers have comprehensive skills developed through the cutting-edge curriculum of the NCSF. The credentialing journey follows a path of learning marked by scientific integrity, movement comprehension and programmatic innovation. NCSF Master Trainers are highly-skilled exercise professionals who are uniquely qualified to provide rapid results in health, fitness and performance to create dramatic improvements in one’s life quality.

NCSF Master Trainers Can Work As ….

  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Club Managers
  • Directors of Wellness Programs
  • Personal Trainer Directors
  • Education Providers
  • Fitness Competition Coaches
  • Fitness and Nutrition Entrepreneurs

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