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Low Back Specialist
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NCSF CEU Value: 6

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Over 90% of adults experience low back pain, ranging from acute to chronic, and spend billions each year on proposed remedies each year. Statistics say most sufferers do not know what to do to find relief. You can solve this problem by becoming a Low Back Specialist. Advance your knowledge and skills through the NCSF by learning the strategies and therapeutic modalities that are proven to work. Dramatically expand your service deliverables and revenues by helping this underserved segment of the population.

Course Breakdown

Introduction to Low Back Pain

Learn the anatomy and physiology of the low back and the common pain affliction categories.

Common Pain Mechanisms

Review the etiologies of the most common low back disorders and how they affect low back health.

Pain Characteristics, Contributors, and Imaging

Identify the tools to assess the factors that cause pain and how to understand the medical feedback.

Treatment and Procedures

Gain knowledge and skill in addressing the common low back conditions and what techniques are most effective.

Stability and Strength Exercises

Acquire Become knowledgeable of the best therapeutic exercises and program components for effective low back management.

Flexibility and Mobility Exercises

Learn the strategies used by experts to relieve low back pain and prevent re-occurrence using modern training techniques.

Low Back Specialists are one of the most sought-after therapeutic experts for pain relief and lifestyle restoration.

An NCSF Low Back Specialist Can …

  • Assess common contributors to low back pain
  • Work with clinical physicians to help manage client conditions
  • Implement therapeutic interventions to mitigate pain and restore movement
  • Instruct strength and mobility exercises to address common physical distortions and faults
  • Integrate activities into comprehensive programs for physical activity and return to sports
  • Reduce the incidence of re-occurrence and return lifestyle confidence

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NCSF CEU Value: 6

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