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Suspension Training Specialist
Next Level Instruction
NCSF CEU Value: 7

Advanced Credentialing to Expand Your Capabilities


The Suspension Training Specialist is an advanced coaching certificate designed to help trainers level-up in modality-specific training. Structured to assist exercise professionals expand their delivery of service, this instructional program teaches both the broad and nuanced techniques of strap-based training and how it integrates into your client’s programming.

Course Breakdown

Introduction to Suspension Training

Learn how strapped-based training enhances strength and movement competency.

Facing and Non-Facing Anchored Exercises

Learn both single and multi-planer closed-chain exercises and how suspension training dramatically challenges coordinated strength, balance, and stability.

Functional Movements

Identify how suspension training challenges normal biomechanics and dynamically works cooperative muscular sling systems.

Stretching and Mobility

Explore as to how suspension training offers significant utility for improvements in both flexibility and mobility.

Programming Considerations

Uncover how each exercise challenges the body and how to create proper progression and regression sequencing based on your client's skill levels and abilities.

Unlock your earning Potential with this Advanced Modality-Based Credentialing Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how suspension training enhances both central and peripheral stability
  • Be able to identify common movement errors and how to correct them
  • Properly instruct and progress suspension training exercises
  • Implement suspension training for flexibility and mobility gains
  • Integrate activities into comprehensive programs for physical activity and return to sports
  • Use proper programming principles to target specific training goals

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NCSF CEU Value: 7

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