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Ab Training: Stability Ball Finisher

October 18, 2016 by NCSF 0 comments

Stability balls can be used to increase balance, coordination and proprioceptive demands during numerous exercises. Standard exercises such as crunches or push-ups can gain completely new training stimuli when done on the ball due to the changes in neuromuscular requirements.

When stability balls are added, loading is often reduced when compared with traditional exercises. However various challenging progressions can be applied related to the base of support, length of lever arm(s) involved, range of motion, speed of movement and proprioceptive elements. Stability balls can be used to enhance exercises for all major muscle groups, but a common and popular use is for trunk training.

When properly performed, stability ball activities targeting the trunk musculature do a great job of enhancing prime mover activation while forcing synergistic assistance from local and global stabilizers through force couples. The tendency to roll can help multiple muscle groups work together more functionally when compared to machine-based training.

Sample circuit:


Crunch with Plate Reach


Body Rolls with MB


Alternate Dumbbell Reach


Bench Skiers


Push-up with Knee Rolls



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