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Do These Supplements Increase Muscle Growth?

November 10, 2016 by NCSF 0 comments

Anabolics, or compounds purported to increase lean mass, are one of the most popular categories of dietary supplements amongst bodybuilders, athletes and exercise enthusiasts alike. Legal compounds purported to increase muscle mass have experienced a “mixed bag” of results in the literature. Some authors and critics argue the type of resistance training employed has been inconsistent across studies further creating difficulties identifying efficacy among compounds. Research methodology, small sample sizes, differing populations, and lack of scrutiny to contributing factors add to the problem. While caloric sufficiency, appropriate energy balance and timing, and specific training methodology are all consistently important for lean mass development and maintenance some substances may be additionally beneficial. Of interest it seems the properties that exist in the body seem to be the most relevant factor in predicting changes to muscle size.

The following provides a list of some of the most common anabolic supplements and applicable research for each. Exercise professionals can use this information to become more educated as to the products and potential benefit.

Popular dietary supplements claimed to promote anabolic activity:

There are various compounds marketed as effective anabolic aids, but clearly the exercise professional will be well served in examining research conclusions concerning products a given client shows interest in investing - as many fail to provide the benefits suggested due to a variety of factors.


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