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Business 101: Registering your Business

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Setting yourself up for optimal success occurs in the early stages of business management. This includes elements such as naming your business, registering it, understanding trademarks, setting up a financial system, acquiring correct insurance coverage and filing for appropriate permits. Find out how this is best achieved in the third part of our “Business 101” series.

The decisions at the start of your business can determine your immediate and long-term success. Learn how to name, register and protect your brand and assets, as well as how to legally hire employees, set-up your business finances and acquire the proper insurance coverages. This course takes you step-by step to ensure your set-up filings are correct and explains how to discern the right commerce options to make your business thrive.
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Part One

  • Considerations for choosing a business name
  • Steps for registering your business name
  • Understanding state entity name registration
  • Federal registration through a trademark
  • Filing a fictious name
  • Choosing a website domain name
  • Applying for an Employee Identification Number (EIN)

Part Two

  • Understanding permit and license requirements
  • Considerations for choosing business banking accounts
  • Perks of business banking accounts
  • Considerations for a merchant services (payment processing) account
  • Understanding business insurance

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