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Understanding Gluten

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Gluten has been receiving significant amount of negative media attention over the past several years. Inspiring some concerns centered on its consumption but is this basic grain protein really a negative nutrient or is it simply getting a bad rap? Learn why gluten has become a household name and why it may be a relevant factor in the diet.

Weight gain, bloating irritable bowel have all been associated with gluten. But what really is this grain protein and is it in fact a problem in the diet? Learn about where gluten comes from, why it is common in foods and who needs to consider making dietary adjustments regarding its consumption.
  • Details
  • Explore the sources, metabolism, side effects and common conditions associated with dietary gluten
  • Understand treatments for conditions caused by gluten intake as well as dietary strategies
  • Identify practical uses for gluten in processed foods and their gluten-free counterparts
  • Compare wheat allergy vs. gluten intolerance vs. celiac disease vs. gluten ataxia
  • Learn signs and symptoms of gluten sensitivity and true celiac disease

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