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Sport Nutrition Specialist 2nd Edition Textbook

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The NCSF Sport Nutrition textbook is the premier guide to nutrition for fitness competitors, bodybuilders and athletes from both strength and endurance sports. In easy to understand language, the science behind winning is explained with practical insight and readily implementable strategies for gaining muscle, losing fat and training more effectively. It breaks down nutrients, supplements, and dietary practices to dispel the myths and errors of common practices to accelerate adaptations and achieve desired outcomes. Additionally, it evaluates novel diets providing the scientific facts behind different intake models including intermittent fasting, Paleo diets and isolated nutrient practices. No better text exists for exercise and sports nutrition.
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  • Benefits
Key Interest Areas.
  • Sport and Fitness Competition diet strategies
  • Evidence-based, effective weight loss practices
  • How to gain lean mass, diet induced protein synthesis
  • Proven nutrition for elite performance

  • Unit 1 Macronutrients

    • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Sport Nutrition
    • Chapter 2 - The Importance of Carbohydrates
    • Chapter 3 - The Role of Protein
    • Chapter 4 – Dietary Fats

  • Unit 2 – Micronutrients

    • Chapter 5 – Micronutrients and Water

  • Unit 3 - Dietary Supplements and Ergogenic Aids

    • Chapter 6 – Dietary Supplement Regulations
    • Chapter 7 – Ergogenic Aids
    • Chapter 8 – Dietary Supplements and weight Loss Drugs

  • Unit 4 - Nutritional Analysis and Weight Management

    • Chapter 9 – Nutritional Evaluation
    • Chapter 10 – Body Composition
    • Chapter 11 – Weight Management

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