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Sport Nutrition Specialist Course & Exam Package

List Price:$688.00
$189.00 educational discount on the Sport Nutrition Specialist Course when you purchase the Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam Package!
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Learn cutting edge information for clients, fitness competitors, and sport athletes while earning your Sport Nutrition Specialist (SNS) credential. This education and exam package provides career-oriented professionals with the ideal program to expand their knowledge and skills in this high demand field while saving money on the educational process. This advanced credential is available to any current NCCA-certified fitness or allied health professional or individuals holding a teacher specific or State-issued Certification or License. Credentialing exams are offered using on-demand scheduling and testing.
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Program benefits:

  • Learn the role of nutrition using clear scientific evidence
  • Nutrient recommendations to promote elite fitness and sports performance
  • Know how to maximize results for fitness and sport competition
  • Understand supplements and ergogenic aids in performance enhancement
  • Study at your pace using interactive learning tools and on-demand testing

Package Contents

  • E-Learning Access
  • Instructional Videos
  • Lesson Notes
  • Practical Activities
  • Review Quizzes
  • Online Sport Nutrition Specialist Practice Exam
  • Online Sport Nutrition Specialist Flashcards
  • Instructor Support
  • 8 NCSF CEUs (Meets Ethics Requirement)
  • Payment Plan Option
  • Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam

An affordable way to start and advance your Career

The NCSF Flex Pay program eliminates the cost barriers associated with initial enrollment and allows you to participate in our most popular programs.

  • Pay as you go
  • No credit check and zero interest
  • Five easy payments (only $99.00 down)
  • Complete digital study package upon enrollment
  • Six-months to complete
  • Finish payments and go test

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